Garden is Planted

Phew! The garden is planted, of course not finished, because really a garden is never finished. I will need to thin the beets, carrots, and onions in a couple of weeks–especially if this sun keeps up! The slugs are making me crazy, as usual, but I think that’s the worst pest. I’m looking forward to next year when I can unleash the chickens in the garden before I plant, they should clean things up nicely. I absolutely love to look out into the yard and see spring turning to summer and everything leafed out and green. It renews my hope in the world and in life, just as it should.

Chickens, chickens, chickens

My husband has been working on our nesting boxes, he and the twins painted them last weekend. This morning we went to pick up some chicks form our local feed store and were told they were stuck at the post office, poor things! So we’ll try for next week. In the mean time here’s a a fund website that has some info about what we’re dreaming of…

Pear Tree

After four years, this is the first time my pear tree has produced anything. It has five varieties, the whole one picture below is a forelle. The cut one was on the ground so I’m not actually sure what variety it is, but the flavor is amazing. There’s really nothing like growing your own food. I have a couple of bartletts ripening up too, maybe that will determine the variety of the mystery pear.