Growing Washington

I am so excited for all the greens! I luuuv kale, seriously it’s pretty much my favorite vegetable. I have a box of sprouts outside my back door and my partner and I nibble at it every time we walk by to check on our chickens, bees, poke around our garden, or just step outside to reset our minds. I hope you’re enjoying something today that helps you do that too, it’s so important to give yourself a break from the daily stresses. On to our produce box!

Small Box Ideas

Bunched Spinach: last weekend for Mother’s day I made spinach quiche, that’s a quick and easy one to do. I’m also a fan of creamed spinach made with coconut milk. Wilt your spinach a little, drain it, reduce your coconut milk by half, add some sautéd red onion and garlic, maybe some fresh chives and a pinch of nutmeg. Yum!

Bunched Kale or Chard: Chop and eat it as a salad, sauté it in a little avocado oil with garlic, finish with lemon zest. Kale chips are delightful too.

Zucchini: Flash saute over high heat and toss in with your greens, add your favorite hot sauce and carbs of your choosing (we’re all rice all the time over here).

Red Leaf Lettuce: Salad time! If you’ve still got ground meat, wrap some cooked patties in your leaf lettuce for bunless burgers.

Red onions: I really can’t stop with thin slicing and put them on everything. If they are too sharp in taste for you, soak in cold water for an hour after slicing them, or overnight to soften the flavor.

Broccoli: Blanch and shock, steam, or roast with a little oil

Strawberries: I can hardly wait, I will be rinsing and eating right out of the container. You can thin slice and toss in your salads with chevre or feta, pair with balsamic vinaigrette or just balsamic and olive oil works well too.

English Cucumber: This is a fun new one for the boxes! I’ve been peeling my cucumbers in stripes before cutting them. Makes for a fun presentation.

Large Box

Spring Salad Mix: You know what to do here, previous posts have honey mustard vinaigrette, or simple honey dijon vinaigrette, that one goes great with strawberries to.

Spring Onions: My favorite way to eat these is to cut them in half, toss them with a little oil and grill them. Chop them up and toss in salads or with your cooked greens.

Red Cabbage: Coleslaw for tacos or pulled pork sandwiches, braised with apple cider vinegar, or here’s a great list of ideas!

Shiitake Mushrooms: Thin slice, saute, and add to your greens.

Green Beans: blanch and shock, or roast, you can also dry saute. These aren’t the traditional beans used for that method, but they are still delicious.

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