Fear in the Kitchen: let’s do something about it

Happy Monday team! Yesterday, I had the privilege of teaching a class at Heirloom Cookshop, which I love so much. If you are in the Snoqualmie area definitely go check them out. All of the students were, of course, lovely, but one really stood out to me. And team, she inspired me to create an opportunity for all of you

This student came to a cooking class despite feeling fear in her kitchen. She’s uncomfortable cooking because she “doesn’t understand how flavors go together.” She told me, maybe like yourself, her family eats out more often than she’d like because when she gets home from work she doesn’t know what to do in the kitchen. How many of you feel that way too?

All too often we get overwhelmed by what we should do. We are inundated by cooking shows that show beautiful things made by teams of professionals touting that every meal should be the best you’ve ever had.


Seriously, stop putting that much pressure on yourself. I’m all for buying pasture raised meat from your local farmer and growing your own vegetables, but if that standard is preventing you from getting in your kitchen and cooking, then let it go. If we all cooked at home more, from any starting point, it will be better for our bodies and the planet.

So here’s what we’re going to do from here. I will begin offering kitchen coaching, open to all skill levels, starting now. If you fall into the camp of being in fear of your kitchen, you can apply for a free two hour session with me. I will select one person per month to receive that option.

I have a wealth of knowledge on specialty diets, as well as classical cooking techniques. I have three kids so I know how to feed a family at a variety of stages and budgets. I am passionate about getting you comfortable in your kitchen. Let’s get started!

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