Preserved Lemons

Being fall, we’re all about preservation for the upcoming winter in the kitchen. At Succulent Catering we’ve been canning everything we can get our hands on. While preserved lemons aren’t canned per se, it’s the same idea; extending the life of foods in season to be enjoyed once that season has ended. What we got our paws on weren’t just any lemons though, they are meyer lemons. These little gems originated in China as a hybrid between lemons and mandarins, which resulted in the tartness of lemons with a less acidic bite. If you find them in the store enjoy them, they are not often available.

Preserving lemons is simple and creates a flavorful punch to a variety of dishes. Most common in middle eastern cuisine it is typically only the skin that is used once the process is complete. There is some variety in how it’s done, but all involve lemons and salt. You can also add aromatics, such as cardamom, for additional flavor.

Preserved Lemons


  • 4 lemon
  • 5 t salt (I prefer kosher, but sea salt works also. Do not use iodized salt.)
  • optional aromatics


  1. sanitize a glass pint jar and lid by boiling them in water for 10 minutes
  2. set aside
  3. wash lemons thoroughly
  4. being careful not to cut completely through, cut into quarters, leaving the bottom attached
  5. rub 1 t salt inside the cut lemon, being careful to leave it intact
  6. packed lemons tightly into jar, layering optional aromatics between
  7. cover and refrigerate for 1 month
  8. to use, remove pulp and pith, leaving yourself with just the skin
  9. cut into small pieces (strips or cubes) and add to recipe
  10. note–a little goes a long way


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