Hello? Yes, hello.

Well, hello there. It’s been a while hasn’t it? 2016 has been a wild year for me. Divorce, job change(s), new relationship, raising three teenagers, needing to regress twenty years and get a roommate to make the paychecks stretch a little farther, and the rest of life all caught up in the mix. It’s sort of like when you look in the fridge and make dinner with whatever’s in there. Sometimes it’s a winner and sometimes it’s good enough. That’s kind of what 2016 has been like over here.

Highlights have been trying (what I thought) was my dream job and realizing it wasn’t. Hosting the third year of the Nelson Ranch Farm dinner; five of the best friends in the whole world volunteered their time and hard work to make it the most amazing one yet. Seeing all three of my kids enter high school (and realizing I have four more years of them being children). I’ve also reconnected with my niece that I’ve been estranged from for three years, hearing her voice each week over the phone brings me joy, and I am hopeful for her again. I met a man that has a boat, loves to build fires, and smoke meat. It looks like we’ve stumbled upon something really special.

So many other ups and downs, food was made and bread was baked to heal the sad days and celebrate the good ones.

My latest adventure is part of an old one. I’ve taken a full time position as sous chef for Succulent Catering here in Seattle, Chef Traci and I have worked together for a few years and we compliment each other in the best ways. Our other adventure together is building a cooking school, currently called Wallingford Culinary School, but the name may change slightly to better suit our intent. We both love food, and even more to share food with others. Food provides comfort, sustenance, and even more, as Chef Traci said in a recent interview, “food is love.”

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