Mother’s Day Brunch

Recently a friend told me she didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day because every day is mother’s day for her, to which I snort laughed and proclaimed that that and my birthday are the only days I get to pull the “you have to do what I want because today is…” card with my three kids and darling husband. So I say, whether you’re celebrating for yourself or someone you know, having a plan for the time honored tradition of Mother’s Day Brunch is essential to making the moms in your life feel special.

If you’re eating out, you may have missed the boat on getting a reservation, but if you do call around and see if anyone still has space make sure you remain calm and patient. Any brunch service is a busy day for restaurants and Mother’s Day is insane.

If you plan to stay in and cook brunch, I’ve got some ideas for you. Some are do ahead and some are day of. I’m a big fan of the do ahead so you can enjoy the day with your guests.

Do ahead:

  • make sure you have an ample batch of cold pressed coffee or iced tea (soak tea bags in cold water for a few hours, add lemon juice and simple syrup–a shot of Jameson goes really well in there if you so choose)
  • assemble your strata
  • roast some asparagus

Day of:

  • Make sure there’s flowers for all the moms, seriously, cut dandelions or make them if you have to. It makes everyone happy.
  • bake strata
  • make scones
  • roast bacon
  • cut up fruit salad or fruit plate
  • assemble cheese plate
  • pour some champagne and enjoy your guests

Simple, straightforward, done. Enjoy the day!

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