Pot Roast

A well cut pot roast is a delightful piece of beef, our butcher uses the chuck portion, leaving the bone in for added flavor. While the chuck is a heavily used muscle and typically used in braises, it doesn’t have to be cooked for a long time. Because this cut is fairly thin I used two methods and ended with a tender, flavorful piece of meat. I let the meat come to room temperature and rubbed the roast with salt. I put a cast iron skillet over high heat and added enough avocado oil to just cover the bottom of the skillet.  I seared each side of the roast for about 5 minutes until it began to turn a nice caramel color. While this was happening I turned my oven to 450 degrees F. Once the oven was hot enough, I put the roast in a glass casserole dish and put it in the oven for 20 minutes, turning it over after the first 10 minutes.

We ate it with a quick bbq sauce I made while the meat was cooking, some homemade rolls, and sauerkraut. Pretty quick and easy weeknight dinner or one to enjoy leisurely on the weekend.

IMG_2319-0 IMG_2321.JPG

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