An Ecological Act and the Role of Chefs

I recently read this article that criticized the role of chefs in the sustainability movement. It essentially says chefs should shut up and cook, not taking into account the role professional cooks play in what goes on the plate. Professional cooks (I am not using the word chef as that is a select few of all of the professional cooks out there), select the purveyors carefully considering cost, quality, and the needs/desires of their guests, as well as the menu they have chosen to offer to those that are entering their restaurants. They do all if these things through a thoughtful process that considers those factors, as well as trends and what they love to do, which is cook and make people happy.

While I would love for all cooks to have beautiful, fresh, local foods to put on every plate that is not always the choice that is made, for a variety of reasons. It is, however, important for professional cooks to not just shut up and cook, but rather to advocate for themselves and their guests to have the very best product available and to me that does mean speaking up for sustainable foods. Especially if we want those beautiful products to be available tomorrow.

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