Live the Life You Love

Live the life you love, and don’t be afraid of the work it takes to have it. That is the lesson I’ve been working on lately.

I hear so much about the journey of coming to the realization of what is the life you love, yet not much gets said about what happens once you’re on the path. You find the dream, you start the path, and at some point it becomes a lot of effort to sustain the dream.

I’m finding myself in a transition from the excitement of school and delving into a career path that I feel excited about, to the nitty gritty of what it takes to sustain this path. It’s not always fun (work is work after all) but keeping my eyes on the prize of learning everything there is to learn about this phase to make the next phase and the next phase after that even better, that’s a skill worth learning.

Grit, sisu, determination, I’m digging a little deeper to keep it going, because the goal is worth it, even when walking the path means sweeping away the pebbles to get over the boulders that come next.

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