Farm Lunch

So it happened, and it was good, great even-although it’s taken me a week to get around to posting about it! The photos I have are limited unfortunately, there are more to come, but I was too busy cooking and organizing to take any myself so I’ll post what I have received so far.

The final menu was:

Appetizers (served on slates on the welcome table, which was made from a piece of Garry Oak that my cousin lovingly saved from a downed tree on the property.)

  • Crostini topped with beef liver pate and roasted red pepper–Bread Peddler baguette, Nelson Ranch beef
  • Beef tongue with horseradish creme fraichez–Nelson Ranch beef


  • Summer Squash Salad–Kirsop Farm squash
  • Red and Yellow Beets–Kirsop Farm beets, garlic, and parsley
  • Simple Greens with black walnut mustard vinaigrette–Kirsop Farm salad mix, red onions, and radishes
  • Pain au Levain and Brittany Rye bread with herb compound butter–Bread Peddler


  • Assorted roasts of beef over slow cooked kale and chard with braised sweet onions–Nelson Ranch beef, Kirsop Farm greens and onions
  • Quinoa pilaf–Rocky Prairie Vineyard peppers
  • Roasted carrots–Kirsop farm carrots


  • Apple Galettes–Nelson Ranch apples
  • Plum Flaugnarde–Nelson Ranch green gage plums, Wells Farm yellow gage plums

Each course was paired with a different wine from Stottle Winery. It was truly a community experience as not only did most of the food come from the Nelson Ranch or it’s neighbors, but the servers were also guests. Two people had been identified from each table prior to lunch, and they brought platters for each course and collected used plates and brought out new ones for each course. Several people helped in the kitchen washing dishes or doing other tasks over the two days we had to prepare for the meal, it was so fun to be a part of this team of generous people.

Nelson ranch 037 appetizersplum custard beet salad


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