Same Food, Different Incarnations

Our hens finally started laying, we’re giddy with excitement here at our house. So now that I have fresh eggs, what to do with them? Well, frying and scrambles are big hits here so that’s the basis for these two dishes. The other component is leftover roast that became slow cooked shredded beef.

Cooking eggs requires a well seasoned pan, luckily I have a carbon steel pan that my husband and I have lovingly seasoned into our egg pan and gets used for nothing else. Some of my culinary school instructors would be appalled, but a fried egg to me (thankfully that’s how we cook them in the restaurant where I work!) has a crispy bottom. If it’s not, I’d rather just eat them poached. So, sauté pan over high heat, some oil-I’m using safflower at the moment, but I also like avocado oil-then gently slide the eggs into the pan. I tend to be pretty thoughtful about how I treat ingredients, but I’m finding the preciousness of having them come from your backyard amps up that feeling of needing to be gentle. Reduce the heat a little, and continue to adjust as needed, the bottom should be golden and crispy and the white just set, make sure your yolk is still runny as this becomes the “sauce” for any dish you add it to. This photo is take just before the whites were done, but it was so beautiful I couldn’t resist it.


For the final dish, I layered the following; basmati rice down, then slow cooked kale and sweet onions, shredded beef, homemade sauerkraut, then topped the bowl with a fried egg. IMG_2220.JPG

Of course I can’t get enough of the egg, beef combo, so for breakfast I heated corn tortillas on the griddle, topped with shredded beef, cheddar cheese, and slices of sweet onions. I scrambled some eggs and topped the whole thing with sliced tomatoes and homemade creme fraiche.


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