Rose Tasting

I am branching out into more personal catering and pop up events, rather than just sticking with restaurant work and the occasional opportunity to play in my own kitchen (those days are getting fewer and fewer at the moment, which is why I’m enjoying parties).

Last week I hosted a Rosé Tasting at my house, which was immensely fun. I spent a few hours cleaning up the yard and we all gathered on the back deck, the weather was spectacular, and the company was too. The food turned out not too shabby although inflicting my bread experiments on my guests wasn’t a highlight, but sometimes you go with what you have (if you’d like to keep up with the saga peruse the bread posts for updates on my sourdough journey). Something else I’ve been reflecting on is my photography skills (and motivation) are lacking. If I keep doing these parties I’m going to have to hire a helper that can double as a photographer. I tend to snap one or two photos early on, then get distracted by preparations and guests and forget to document things, so here’s my one photo for this event:


The complete menu was:

  • spiced nuts
  • olives
  • salt and pepper lavash crackers
  • herbed cream cheese
  • salmon lox
  • rice and millet salad
  • kale with sweet and sour carrot salad
  • Nelson Ranch beef sliders on rye rolls
  • vanilla pound cake with strawberry rhubarb sauce

Kale, herbs, and rhubarb were from my garden, and beef came from the family ranch.

We tried an assortment of wines, three from France, one from Portugal and Italy respectively, two from California, and three from Washington.  Most were good, a couple were essentially wine coolers, without the bubbles, and one was a pretty interesting variation on the theme.


My personal favorites were from Gecko Cellars (containing cabernet franc, merlot, sangiovese, and a touch of cabernet sauvignon, making for a unique taste. Those grape varieties are sometimes referred to as super tuscan in case you want to do a little more reading about wine). The Domaine Sorin from France was lovely as was the Gazela from Portugal.

All in all the event was a success and I look forward to eating and drinking wine with friends again soon!

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