Chop wood, carry water, breathe deep, stay in the moment. These are things I repeat to myself everyday, because I’m impatient. Embarking on a career as a professional cook in middle age is an excruciatingly slow process.

Except it isn’t. I can count the amount of time I’ve been working in this industry in months. The number of days doesn’t even reach 365. When I look at friends or those that I admire that are my age, see their accomplishments, and feel jealous I have to remind myself to breathe, stay in the moment, chop wood, and carry water.

A time will come when I can count the years I’ve worked as a professional cook and I’ll still have dreams and aspirations, but I will be doing work that suits me. I know that day will come, because never in my life have I felt so sure of anything. 

All it takes is a little patience.

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