Sometimes the things that get made in a kitchen by chance, are the most delicious creations. Today I needed to make a quick lunch so I thin sliced two russet potatoes and layered them into a well oiled cast iron skillet on high heat. I topped that with half a julienned onion and a generous amount of salt, added a little water, covered it, and cooked it for about 7 minutes (I was in a hurry and to be fair didn’t really time it). Once the potatoes were soft I took the lid off and let the potatoes crisp up on the bottom. Then I topped it with some minced garlic, smokey paprika, tinned sardines, well aged gouda and romano cheeses (you could use anything here, something dry would be best), and threw it under the broiler until the cheese started to caramelize. I gave it a dash of sherry vinegar and minced parsley from the garden and ended up with something I was shocked was so delicious, seriously it was really good, amazing in fact. Yay for happy accidents!


Delicious Creations

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