School is Done

At long last culinary school is done and I am starting my career. It feels fabulous and terrifying to be out in the unsheltered world of work. I do have a new job, at a wonderful restaurant/market that focuses on local, seasonal food. Being in the Pacific Northwest we have an abundance of beautiful ingredients to work with and as we move into spring, summer, and fall that will only get better. I love learning about and using the flavor profiles we work with, PNW foods with Middle Eastern flavors, it makes my heart happy. 

Now that I’ve taken school off my plate I hope to have more time and energy to come back to cooking at home again. I may switch things up a bit and blog more about work adventures, but there are catering events planned and a couple of farm events this year too so there’s some variety in it. Hopefully some continuing education in butchery is coming around the bend as well. My husband swears he’ll find time to build the chicken coop we’ve been talking about for the past couple of years so there’s more to come on that too. It’s looking to be an exciting spring and into the rest of 2014. I’m looking forward to the adventure of it.

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