Homemade Vinegar

Remember my post from last December about vinegar? No? Let’s revisit it then. Next time you’re at the store buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar that still has the mother in it (Bragg’s is a popular brand), pour a bottle of wine, beer, or apple cider into a glass jar, add about 20% vinegar-make sure you get some of the mother in it, and 5 % water, cover with cheese cloth or parchment and let it sit until the sugars have been eaten and turned into vinegar. You can use the vinegar to make shrubs or cook any number of things, but don’t can with it-it isn’t acidic enough for that. You’ll know it’s ready when a nice slimy layer has formed on the top then drops to the bottom. You can use that mother to make any number of other homemade vinegars. Wine, beer, juice, and champagne/sparkling wine all make great vinegars and are so much better than the filtered ones you get from the store.  Be creative and have fun, happy vinegar making!

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