Catching Up

After last week’s Chef of the Day project was complete, let’s be fair I took a day off from the kitchen, but I am back at it in full effect. So first there was the meatloaf, and honestly despite the fact that I made about 7 lbs of the stuff, there isn’t a bite left in the house. There were sweet potato and parsnip oven fries to go with that. Sunday we made pizza, I always have a few balls of dough hanging out in the freezer for those days when we can’t quite agree on anything else. Then there was a roasted whole chicken, with roasted butternut squash bits, and farro with caramelized onions and sautéed chard. It’s been a tasty few days here.

I made butter, oh wow that’s delicious, and now I’ve got some beef marinating for our first attempt at beef jerky. This weekend I’m assisting with a whole pig butchery class, so there’s sure to be some tasty things there too. This week is flying by, filled with delicious morsels and happiness.

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