Sustainable Farming and Corporate Involvement

I’ve read a couple of articles today about corporations getting involved in helping small farmers and I’m feeling a bit…let’s say, irritated.

There is nothing in those relationships that is truly about helping small farmers. They are about helping the corporations. Helping farmers is potentially a byproduct of that relationship, but in the end the farmers lose and so does the planet. Huge corporations are driven by profitability, that’s it. They want a product, maybe a small farmers produces it so it’s in the corporation’s best interest to help the farmer produce more of it, by any way they can. Period. End of story. They will convince farmers to use more fertilizers, more chemicals, plant less diversity, do less farming and more producing. And in the end create a dependence on those corporations at the expense of the farmers lives.

Or not, I don’t have the answers, but it seems like a slippery slope. Make your own decisions, ponder the idea, it effects us all. Here’s some links for you to mull over:

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