The ups and downs of the kitchen

This week I’m recipe testing for my COD (final project for school) and it is a bummer. I started of reasonably strong in the bake shop, my dessert is great and it sort of plateaued from there.  The flour we use at school is very thirsty, so thirsty in fact I should have used double the amount of liquid in my limpia, so it is a dry little thing. My cookies…first batch never managed to complete the final stage so they got tossed, second batch were going great. Left them in the oven for the final drying (it’s a twice baked cookie called a rusk if you missed an earlier post) and they burned, because even in an oven that is off cookies can still burn (who knew?!). Crackers on the other hand are great, so yay me on that one.

COD dessert

I attempted to plate my pickled salmon, which went way downhill. Sadly, the salmon didn’t turn out very well (new recipe being tested soon, hopefully that one is a keeper) and I don’t like the saffron aioli I’d planned to serve with it (remember though, my cracker is good and it goes on that plate so one out of four…four being the arugula and that just needs olive oil and salt and pepper so that’s easy enough to prep anytime). I tried to plate the four components just to get a visual even though I knew no one was going to eat it and that was where I got really discouraged. Nothing seemed to look right. The photo pictured here was actually the third attempt at plating (on the same plate mind you), arugula is wilting and aioli has gone all sorts of wrong, ugh.

failed pickled salmon

Today I braised a lamb shoulder and made split pea soup, both of which taste great, hooray! I was feeling discouraged by the soup though when a friend walked me through the obvious way to make it look more refined, and remember the dry bread I mentioned before? That’s going to get a facelift too, I am super excited about putting it together tomorrow.

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