You may have noticed I’m a bit preoccupied with Scandinavian cooking at the moment. Rye flour, almonds, cardamom, are everywhere in my kitchen at the moment. So to continue in that theme, my weekly bread baking had a boost of cardamom as well. I also used Willemeta. That’s the sourdough starter I was given by my chef instructor when we were all at Quillisascut Farm School, I don’t think I’ve mentioned her yet, but she’s over 90 years old. She was started by my instructor’s great grandmother, from the smell we think either with apples or pears, there’s a crossover in the scent. The bread is, delicious, the recipe is here. I’ve had several taste tests now and on first bite I think, maybe it’s just a little too cardamom heavy, but then the rest of the flavors take over and I find myself going for another slice. It’s downright delightful with butter and gruyere cheese…

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