Välkommen til Sverige

Rye flour, it’s all over my kitchen. I’m recipe testing five rye cracker and two limpia bread recipes today for my final project for school.



#1 is a definite no, #3 is ok, #4 is my favorite (that you Nigel Slater), my husband is partial to #5. #2 I’ll bake tomorrow, it had to sit overnight, which probably makes it a no because in normal use that would be fine, but for this project, too time consuming.


This is Julia Child’s limpia recipe, brushed with molasses after baking, um yeah, that’s going to be delicious. The second version is coming out in about 35 minutes, brushed with butter so slightly less exciting to look at, but it’s the flavor that will determine the winner. Then I’m recipe testing the whole shebang in the school kitchen next week, pickled salmon and beets are already marinating in the walk-in…


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