In Current News…

Not many posts happening here at the moment for a few reasons. I’m back in school, with a very busy quarter. I’m in the fine dining restaurant and planning for the final project for the program, which is an intense process.

My current menu (still subject to alterations at this point):

  • limpia bread, cultured butter
  • pea soup-smoked sea salt, carrot oil, creme fraiche
  • pickled salmon-rye crisp, arugula, saffron aioli
  • pulled leg of lamb-parsnip puree, jus, chard
  • cardamom ice cream-oatmeal tuile, apple compote

I’m also doing an internship at a local butcher shop, I just got home from fabricating, deer, moose, and elk in fact. My mom thought it was pretty funny when I told her I enjoyed butchery (I think she still thinks of me as a vegetarian, despite that ending about 20 years ago).

In other exciting news I get to do a two day stage with Maxime Bilet, of modernest cuisine fame, while he creates a special Willy Wonka themed dinner. Modernist cuisine is not generally in my repertoire, but I’m always game to learn new things and there will probably be techniques that can be useful in the more casual, artisinal style that usually attracts me.

And to add to it all, my refrigerator is dying, so I’m not cooking much until that gets taken care of. Of course I have to bake bread, make cookies, all the usual things, but more exciting projects are put on hold for the moment. I think I’ll focus on tending my vinegars, sauerkraut, and sourdough starter until other things can start up again…

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