This is really a shout out to my mom for being the cinnamon roll maker in our family. I am in the process of making three dozen cinnamon rolls (with the hope some will make it into the freezer for later) and I realize what a process they are. I started them about three hours ago and the first round just went into the oven. Sure I did the dishes and made crackers during that time, but wow it is time consuming and no wonder most people make them so infrequently. My husband made them when we were first married, but that’s been nearly two decades since that happened, and I can understand why he gave it up. I will hold onto some serious respect for every cinnamon roll I eat made by someone else until I forget and feel the need to make them again.



Post baking photo. Of course I had to try them before delivering a plate to the friend that loaned me the waffle maker earlier this week. Um, yeah, no trouble going down.

Cinnamon Rolls

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