Canning Pears

I spent most of today canning pears from Cliffside Orchard (part of last week’s adventure) with a couple of friends. We made pear butter, pear syrup (and a cocktail for our labors with mint from my garden). Good food and good friends, doesn’t get much better.

20130917-152133.jpg We started with about 20# of pears.

20130917-152124.jpg For the hot pack canning we quartered them and set them in acidulated water while waiting to be put in the syrup.

20130917-152154.jpg We sterilized the jars by putting them on a baking sheet in a 225 degree fahrenheit oven.

20130917-152117.jpg Quick cooking pears in heavy syrup.

20130917-152210.jpg Water bath for 25 minutes.

20130917-152140.jpg Delicious.

20130917-152057.jpg Pear butter cooking down.


20130917-152226.jpg Pear syrup, vanilla vodka, and chocolate mint cocktail.


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