I have loved almonds my whole adult life, I could nearly live on them. I enjoy roasted nuts, but at home frequently eat them raw with some, maybe misguided, notion that they are more healthy that way (I have read plenty on this, I am just a born skeptic). My twins share my love of these little gems and recently we discovered sprouted almonds. The idea is that by soaking (and thus sprouting), then drying the nuts the nutrients in them are more available for your body to digest.

What I have tried so far is soaking them in water (many people say salt water, but plain water seems to work fine as far as I’m concerned) for about 8-12 hours. It depends on when they end up in the water and when I get up in the morning really. Then I put them in my oven at the lowest setting and leave them in there as long as possible, so say 6-8 hours. Make sure they are completely dry before you bag them back up. I have read that a dehydrator is preferred because ovens typically can’t go below 170 degrees, but for my purposes 170 worked just fine.

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