QS Cheese Class


A friend bought an Amish cookbook that had a recipe for velveeta in it so we thought it would be fun to give it a try as an extra project. This is the final stage, moulding. We’ll be sampling it next week.


Each class we not only make cheese, but sample it as well. Some we made and some made by others because it had to age as much as six months.


When making cheese there are eight basic steps (with some variations depending on the type of cheese); warming, ripening, setting, cutting, healing, stirring and cooking, draining and hooping. This photo shows the cutting phase.

20130801-160822.jpg  20130801-160828.jpg  20130801-160834.jpg

After draining and hooping some cheese require pressing. Show here are two different presses.

20130801-160844.jpg  20130801-160858.jpg

One of the cheeses we made was havarti, our group chose to add dill. Each cheese had a design pressed into the top, ours is a pig. We hooped, then used one of the presses shown above. Once it was pressed it was cryovaced for aging, it should be ready to eat in about six months.

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